My Senses Put In Order ~ A Reflection Quote

"I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in order."

Nothing is more calming than to be at peace with oneself and I can only achieve that when I'm one with nature. Being in a solitary place soothes my aching heart and my wounded soul because I feel that I'm alone with God - as if embracing me through the winds that touch my hair, calming my nerves and my senses. 

The sound of the waves cleanses me from within and the joyful hymns of birds that fly touch my heart as if closing all wounds to heal me fast so that any pain I no longer have to endure.

I don't search peace from the outside world as I know I find my peace from within. And it only takes for me to be alone with nature, to be alone with my Creator, to regain my strength and revitalize myself.

When I go back to a world of chaos and distress where I drained myself empty of the love I have given to only one - that someone to whom not only I have given my world to but also have built my world around, I know I am healed.

And nothing can stop me from moving on, from moving forward, from being at peace with myself, from being strong from all the pain I endured. 

I am healed. I am at peace. I am moving on.